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ZVOX 580 Low-Profile Single-Cabinet Surround Sound Speakers Review

ZVOX 580 Low-Profile Single-Cabinet Surround Sound System review
John Bs on August 13, 2014 - 2:55 pm in Sound Bar System

Why ZVOX’s Cabinet System Should Be Your Home’s Surround Sound Option

ZVOX 580 Low-Profile Single-Cabinet Surround Sound System with Optical and Coaxial Digital Inputs. Let me be clear. This is not a surround system. However, it is the absolute closest you can get to one at an incredible bargain price. With very few flaws that’ll bother you in this budget range, here’s why you should seriously consider the system.


  • 36 “w x 16.5 “d x 5 “h – the perfect size to fit cozily under your wide screen television.
  • High efficiency 120 W digital amplifier
  • Analog inputs, coaxial input and optical input with a front panel input at the front.
  • Responds to other remotes, but has a multifunction remote with it
  • Speakers turn on and off with the TV and there is minimal energy consumption on standby
  • Can connect other devices to the sound system without turning on the TV



Excellent soundstage, with great sound – better than a stereo system. The sound is crisp and clear with excellent bass considering the price.

The bass is very impressive while watching movies, and is very deep although it doesn’t shake the entire room. The dialogs are very clear and can be made clearer still with the dialog enhancer option. There is a 3D enhancement option as well to improve video experience.


The remote is multifunctional and very good, but its best attribute is that it’s not necessary. The ZVOX 580 System can adapt to pretty much any TV remote very easily.

It ought to be mentioned that the system itself is extraordinarily easy to set up and to use. The volume can be controlled both by your ordinary TV remote as well as easy-access panels on the box. It is small enough to fit easily under the television set, which is great for a bedroom or a small apartment.


The power-saving features of this product are remarkable. The speakers turn on and off along with the TV and do not have to be separately switched off. Also, a running TV isn’t necessary to listen to music off of another device using the easily accessible front input.


Honestly, there aren’t too many of these. There are just a couple of real issues.

Performance of the sound away from the central axis is noticeably poorer. This isn’t a huge problem in a bedroom, but if you’re talking about a large living room, the surround experience on the couch casually placed at the east end of the room could make you a little fidgety. The sound fills the room alright, just not evenly. Also a tradeoff has to be made while watching movies between clarity and surround. Perfectly clear dialog requires loss of some presence.

The volume doesn’t satisfy one perfectly at lower settings where the tapering off is more linear than one would like.

The Final Deal

Its brilliant sound and range is unparalleled, particularly the bass performance. The elegance and size of this product make it well worth your careful inspection and its small environmental footprint sets it apart. If lots of parts don’t appeal to you and great sound does, this might be your auditory angel of deliverance. Buy ZVOX 580 Now At Amazon


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