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Yamaha Sound Bar YSP-1400: Is it the best in the market?

John Bs on June 4, 2014 - 9:08 am in Sound Bar, Yamaha

When buying a sound bar most first time users fail to understand that if a sound bar is expensive then only would it have the surround sound feature which helps you to enjoy theater sound like quality in the comfortable surroundings of your home. This myth is broken by the Yamaha sound bar YSP-1400 which delivers great audio effects and the price is great on the pocket.

What are the winning features of this sound bar from the Yamaha Company?

black ysp 1400


The design of the Yamaha sound bar YSP-1400 is simple and classic. It is just a single sound bar which is around 1 meter wide and comes in two basic colors white and black. The sound bat does not have an external subwoofer box. But it has a twin in-built sub woofer which raises the height of the sound bar. When you set its various control operations you would notice a light green light in the left hand side area. There is also the beam driver which is hidden in the central grille area. Each unit of this sound bar has a 2W amplifier and the amplifier powers the unit. When switched on the sound beams are manipulated and this creates a feeling of being enveloped into the sound area.  The design of this sound bar from Yamaha bar is such that that it optimizes sound effects according to the needs of a specific room by using its IntelliBeam function. There is also Bluetooth connectivity which can transfer data from your tablet and smartphone. The best part of the design is the remote tool which you would not need to use if you start using the Yamaha tool bar apps in its place. The installation process is simple and easy too.

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ysp 1400 remote

What is the quality of the sound?

When you are talking about this sound bar from the Yamaha Company you are talking about great sound effects. This can be felt when the sound bar is in the Movie DSP mode. There are options by which you can get the sound bar connected to an external woofer. If you are looking to achieve great surround sound then you would need to place the projector at a right angle position so that it hits the wall and the surround sound effect is created properly. The quality of bass sound was crisp and the room vibrates when they are fighting seasons being played in your HDTV. However when tuned to very high volumes the subs did lost their touch.

In the end it can be added that most customers love the big enveloping audio effects, without having different speakers around the room. This is a mid range sound bar which does its work well to a large extent. Click Here To Read Customer Reviews on Amazon

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