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TV sound bar: Get good audio quality for your TV?

TV sound bar
John Bs on June 3, 2014 - 5:42 am in Wireless Sound Bar

When we buy a high end flat TV we are under the impression that the in-built speakers of the TV would provide excellent sound system audio effects. In most cases we later realize that specifications can be enjoyed when you use a TV sound bar. A sound bar would just mean a speaker-bar which is thin and has a short speaker with various drives which intends to improve the quality of the sound in your TV.

What are the different varieties available in the market today?

Sound bars can be divided into two broad categories which are Self Powered and Passive sound bars.

TV sound barSelf Powered Sound Bar

You can best describe the self powered sound bars as audio systems which are independent in nature. You would just need to plug them into your sound bar or you’re TV and they would produce the specific audio effects. You can also connect more than one device with this type of sound bar. Using the Bluetooth connectivity data from your smartphone and tablet can also be accessed.

Passive Sound Bars

Here the sound bar needs to be connected to your amplifier or home theater receiver in order to produce sound. When understanding about TV sound bar like these you have to understand that they come with basic three speakers which are kept in the center, right and left. These sound bars can be easily set up at the top of your large sound bar.

What do you understand by surround sound system?

The surround sound system can be best described as the audio effects that you enjoy when watching your favorite movie in a cinema hall. In a self powered sound bar the surround system effects is achieved by using various modes of audio which can be described as Virtual Surround Sound. It does not offer the detailed sound effects of a home theater system but the sound quality does it work well.  For passive sound bars this effect is created by placing a speaker in the cabinet.

What is the importance of a sub woofer?

Most sound bars lack bass response and this can be achieved by using a sub woofer. Sub woofers can be wireless which might be integrated into the sound bar or can be added to your TV with a plug in feature.  The sub woofers help you to enjoy enhanced audio effects from your other equipments like iPad or Blue-ray disc player.

When buying a sound bar for your TV understand what do you want in your TV audio quality. If you are looking to create a home theater system in your entertainment room then you can enjoy a passive sound bar. Otherwise you can read a few reviews and select a sound bar which would be a separate audio system like the self powered sound bar.

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