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The High and Low’s of klipsch sound bar -SB-3

klipsch sound bar
John Bs on June 4, 2014 - 8:42 am in Sony Sound Bar

As upgrades in sound technology is taking place more and more sound bars are becoming smaller in design but continue to offer great audio experience to its viewers.  But sometimes these sound bars appear quite minuscule in size when they are placed in front of a large 50 inches HDRV. However they are still some companies like Klipsch that still over sound bars which are large like their powerful sound quality. The klipsch sound bar -SB-3 is a sound bar that enjoys 44 inches in width and enjoys great features too.

Basic Features of the Sound Bar from Klipsch

1.    When you use this sound bar with its sub woofer you would need a large space to accommodate it as it enjoys a width of 50 inches, depth of 14 inches and vertical height of 17 inches.

klipsch sound bar2.    The design of the sound bar is characterized by smooth finishes in the surface. The sound bar also has grilles which could be removed and inside it is placed a few superior quality drivers and some tweeters which are home loaded.

3.    The sub woofer is around 10 inches and is quite large in standard.

4.    Klipsch sound bar -SB-3’s most innovative feature is its superior quality drivers. This assures the user great audio sounds.

5.    The sub woofer of the sound bar from the Klipsch Company is made of fiber material which has a composite cone and twin rear ports. Since it also has a wireless option it can be placed in any location in your room.

6.    The sound bar from Klipsch has three outputs and there is no HDMI or USB port features available.

7.    Using a 3 D method of sound processing it creates a virtual surround experience.

8.    It also lacks the absence of sound setting features which would help its users to fine tune the treble and bass sound. Here the sound of the sub woofer can be adjusted using the knob which is available in the back panel.

9.    The sound quality is powerful and it would take some to get used to the powerful sound of this sound bar.

10.    The sound affects you hear is free from distortion and you enjoy great effects audio effects in the comfortable ambience of your home.

11.    The bass sound quality is deep and very good when compared to other sound bars.

12.    The Quick Start Guide helps you with the remote programming but it does help you to enjoy a trial and error experience when you add the power cables into the inputs.

This sound bar is a perfect partner for your large 50 inches HDTV and it has large powerful sound along with its large shape. The cost is around eight hundred dollars and the finish of the sound bar design is commendable. You can invest in it if you are looking for a powerful sound bar to accompany your large HDTV and your investment would be sound.

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