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The Best Sound Bar Mounting Ideas

sound bar mounting ideas
John Bs on June 2, 2014 - 7:00 am in Wireless Sound Bar

Sound bars serve to be great if an individual wants to go for an upgradation from the built-in speakers of a television. However, it is important to note that there are some very basic flaws that are found in a sound bar and these flaws are not easily evident until the sound bar is set up in the proper manner. Sound bars serve as outstanding compromise between the costly surround sound system and the small and poor quality sound rendered from the built-in speakers of a television. But this does not mean that sound bars are completely perfect. It has to be noted that there are some devastating problems as well as limitations that can be associated with sound bars and these limitations are only obvious when they are set up. It is therefore very important for sound bar users to come up with some great sound bar mounting ideas in order to get the best quality of sound rendered at the best price. The general accord is that sound bars do sound much better when placed above the television because in such a place there is more room for the sound to move and open up. There are two basic methods that can be used for mounting a sound bar above the televisions and they are the use of Velcro o brackets that are home made. Other great sound bar mounting ideas have been illustrated below:

sound bar mounting ideas•    The sound bar can be centered below the television for a sound experience that is balanced. This type of placement delivers sound and picture from similar origin as the method intended by cinema engineer.

•    The sound bar can be placed in such a way that speakers of the bar are in perfect line with the ears. This helps an individual hear things in details even at frequencies that are very high. However, it is important that the entire placement is perfectly balanced with the height of the television set.

•    A space of at least one meter should be left between the sidewalls and the sound bar in order to allow the sound to reflect in a symmetrical and balanced way.

•    There should be a distance of at least three to eight meters between listening area and sound set up for experiencing maximum surround sound effect.

•    It must also be made sure that the sound bar in any ways does not work in the form of an obstacle for the television screen. For avoiding this problem, the television can be wall mounted or elevated higher.

•    The wall serves as the best place for both the television as well as the sound bar. Television sets can be wall mounted and if this is done then sound bars can easily be wall mounted below the television set with the use of brackets. The feet pads can later be removed for getting a very clean look.

•    If the sound bar is wall mounted then it is important to leave ten to fifteen centimeters of gap between the television and the sound bar so that both the vertical disc loader and the top control panel can be accessed very easily.

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