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the Amazing Vizio sound bar VSB200

Vizio sound bar VSB200
John Bs on June 4, 2014 - 9:00 am in Sound Bar With Speakers

If you are a gaming enthusiast who also loves watching movies with great sound quality then you should check the amazing Vizio sound bar VSB200? This sound bar enjoys the reputation of using cutting edge technology accompanied by superior performance experience.  Another unique feature of the VSB200 is the SRS TruSurroundHD.

Important elements that make this powerful sound bar

•    The weight of the sound bar is 12.1 lbs and it is around 40 inches in width and 4.3 inches in vertical height.

•    SRS TruSurroundHD is the sound technology that it uses. This sound feature gives the users a feeling that it has been enveloped in fine quality sound.

Vizio sound bar VSB200•    The sound bar has neodymium tweeters which enjoys aluminum dome of two high performances.

•    32-Bit DSP-Audio Engine feature is an important aspect of this sound bar and this can be used with 150 MHz power.

•    This Vizio sound bar VSB200 also possesses the ability to tackle 32-Bit DSP-Audio Engine feature Safety features are also installed into the sound bar if there is a chance of extra current or voltage flow due to which the sound bar might get destroyed.

•     If you would enjoy great movie hall cinema experience as it has Virtualization and Volume Leveling Technology feature in it.

•    This sound bar from Vizo Company works well with most home theater models and therefore more users can use it well.

•    The sound bars speaker bar has 60 Hz – 20kHz response in frequency.

•    It can perform full audio delivery which is digital in nature.

•    Enjoys a dynamic range of 1200 db

•    Consumes low power but gives an output of high frequency.

•    The Vizo-sound-bar is environmentally conscious.

•    Loud sound commercial audio is terminated using the SRS TruSurroundHD feature.

•    Using the SRS Dialog Clarity dialogue delivery is crisper and better to the listeners.

•    The SRS Definition feature brings in sound clarity in the background which might be lost otherwise.

What do customers state about this sound bar from Vizo Company?

Most customers are amazed with the incredible powerful sound of this sound bar and recommend it to others as well. But there are a few limitations like-

•    There is no control for treble and bass sound as the sound settings are enclosed in a speaker which uses a wireless amplifier.

•    The remote has a very limited range and the problem lies with the IR receiver.

•    It is a very balanced sound bar when compared to other sound bar models in the same segment. This has features where the user can enjoy great cinema, music and gaming experience using the same sound bar. Thus it is a great investment of money for any homeowners who want their family to enjoy great entertainment at home.

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