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Sound Bar vs Speakers- Which is better?

Sound Bars vs Speakers
John Bs on June 2, 2014 - 7:11 am in Sony Sound Bar

There are a lot of people who are very fond of sound bars because of some good reasons. Sound bars eliminate the hassles of set up and wiring that is largely associated with traditional 5.1 home theatres. Apart from this, sound bars even do not take up much space, they are not at all costly in comparison to satellite and subwoofer packages and because most of the sound bars are found to be self-powered, people do not need to buy AV receivers when using them. Modern sound bars are found to be skinny and when positioned below the thin television, they make for a very appealing solution to the problems posed by the 5.1 and even the stereo speaker pairs. The only problem that can be hooked up with a sound bar when compared with speakers is that a sound bar does not possess the ability of creating the same sound quality like separate speakers.

Sound Bars vs SpeakersThe Basic Differences of Sound Bar vs Speakers

Speakers that are stereo powered like A5+s and Audioengine A2s do not require any form of a receiver to be powered and they are also found to be less expensive than the decent sound bars that are found in the market. The best thing about speakers is that they sound much better that the expensive sound bars that are available in the market. When both a sound bar and a speaker are compared, it would be found that sound bars possess smaller stereo soundstage width and their spatial depth is also very less in comparison to the speakers. The spatial depth of common speakers is about five feet apart. The sound bars generally sound spatially constricted in comparison to the speakers that are much more spacious. Speakers in general possess dynamic clarity and oomph that is almost absent in the sound bars. There are various instances when the sound bars are found to be weaker in comparison to the speakers that create lifelike experiences. The bass created by both the sound bars and the speakers is also found to be decent, but the one created by a speaker is found to be more detailed and clear. The performance advantages of speakers are always found to be at a higher level when compared to sound bars. Sound bars do not render their best when used with two-channel music and therefore people who are fond of listening to music should go for the choice of speakers.

Better Anchoring in Sound Bars

The only advantage or good point regarding a sound bar in comparison to a speaker is that sound bars can anchor dialogues of a movie in a better way by centering the dialogue to the stereo image. Sound bars are always considered to be advantageous for people who like to watch movies on a very wide scale. There can be no doubt in the popularity of sound bars, but it has to be kept in mind that speakers serve as a better alternative for certain buyers.

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