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Sound Bar Pros and Cons- Important to Know

pros and cons of sound bar
John Bs on June 2, 2014 - 7:07 am in Sound Bar

Sound bars are thin speakers that are generally found sitting below or in front of the television and they render high reliability audio which would otherwise not have been possible with the use of the built-in speakers of a television. But there are a lot of people who are apprehensive about the advantages of a sound bar and they often think are the sound bars worth the money that is paid for getting their possession? For such people, first of all it is very important to know what sound bars are. Sound bars are also called speaker bars and they are wide, short and typically thin speakers that possess multiple drivers. The cost of sound bars ranges under $100 to above $2,000. They can easily be connected to the television set and they claim improvised sound. Television sounds are not considered to be good, especially the sounds of the modern televisions and this is the reason why sound bars are recommended for the thin television sets that are available these days. The limited property of the thin television sets that are available at present have given way to weak and tiny drivers. Moreover, speakers of a television are generally pointed away or down, bringing about a reduction in sound quality.

pros and cons of sound barThe Good Points of a Sound Bar

The best thing about sound bars is that their drivers are pointed towards the listener and this is something that is very advantageous in comparison to television audio. There are some decent sound bars available in the market that also come with separate woofers and tweeters that have the capability of handling low and high sounds respectively. There are basically tow important varieties of sound bars and they are passive and active sound bars. The active sound bars possess amplifiers that are built-in and therefore they are just required to be plugged into the television and the sound can be fetched. Some models of active sound bars also feature modernized surround processing. The passive sound bars are very similar to traditional speakers. They always need spate receiver that is a bit costly and serves as the central point for the entire video and audio system of the sound bar. Both the versions of sound bars are available at different prices and qualities. Almost all sound bars come along with subwoofers that are generally wireless.

The Bad Points of a Sound Bar

There are basically two main disadvantages of a sound bar. The first main problem with a sound bar is its size. Generally, sound bars are not very deep or tall, but they possess width which might give way to placement issues of sound bars. Most of the sound bars can be easily wall mounted if required. They always require enough space to be placed or to be mounted. The second problem with a sound bar is the sound quality. There are certain sound bars that possess excellent quality of sound and there can be absolutely no doubt about the fact that they always sound better than a television. But the fact is that there are sound bars that do not sound as good as speakers.

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