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Sony TV Wireless Sound Bar HT-XT1 Review

Review Sony TV Sound Bar System HT-XT1
John Bs on July 31, 2014 - 3:17 pm in Sound Bar System


The race for clutter-free sound systems just got hotter with the Sony HT-XT1. This 2.1 channel surround sound system consists of two speakers and an integrated subwoofer, unlike most models in the market for which the subwoofer is separate. The Sony HT-XTI is definitely worth a buy if you take your audio experience seriously. It is HDMI enabled and also supports Audio Return Channel (ARC), so you can sync it directly with your TV and control the volume through your TV’s remote. It does not support the advanced optical or analog input, but you can use the standard auxiliary input for simple devices. Also has built-in Bluetooth connectivity for you to stream music directly from Music Player, Smartphone or other devices. The newest feature of the sound bar is the SongPal App, which lets you navigate the settings of the system directly from your Smartphone or Android. The app can be freely downloaded on Android, as well as iPod and iPhone.


Without an additional device this beauty looks sleek and minimalistic, bringing maximum productivity with the least complexity of design. This miracle is less than 3 inches tall but can support your television up to 55 inches and 66 pounds. The model is black with a shiny metallic finish, and the wire mesh adds to the excellent bass acoustics.

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The Sony HT-XT1 comes with Dolby Audio Processing, and its 330W S-master amplifier distributes the sound over a long range. The advanced surround sound technology makes the acoustics blend in with your environment to form a realistic sonic effect. The in-built subwoofer does a great job of improving bass, but lack of a separate device makes the sound less clear than systems with separate subwoofers. The dialogue is also sometimes difficult to make out compared to other devices of the same price like the LG NBN36. Another drawback is the use of the old auxiliary input, making it difficult to play advanced analog devices. The volume levels are appreciably high and easily monitored, making it an entirely different experience from your built-in TV speakers. The system comes with an impressive range of sound-settings, which lets you optimize sound across all inputs. It is excellent for watching movies and playing games, as it detects low-range frequencies and amplifies them.



Manufacturer: Sony

Model: HT-XT1

Price: $298 on Amazon.com 

Basic Features

  • 170 W amplifier
  • Built-in dual subwoofer
  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • HDMI and ARC supported
  • Dolby Sound Engineering
  • SongPal App


  • Built in subwoofer and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Audio Return Channel enabled


Supports auxiliary inputs for simple analog devices


So if you’re looking to revitalize your TV experience without the clutter of wires in traditional speakers, the Sony HT-XT1 should be your buy. The absence of a separate subwoofer lessens the clutter and the SongPal App makes managing the sound settings simple. If you’re looking for a mid-range priced sound system which provides quality sound then the HT-XT1 will be the best in the market. Read More Customer Reviews on Amazon


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