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SHARKK Bluetooth Mini Portable Outdoor Wireless Speaker Review

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John Bs on June 24, 2014 - 8:16 pm in Bluetooth Speakers, Sharkk

This is a good one for you if you are looking for some of the best Bluetooth speakers available today. The SHARKK Bluetooth Mini Wireless Speaker is an inexpensive and durable product. When you need a small speaker with a loud sound, SHARKK will work with any Bluetooth compatible device as well as with an SD card, USB, and AUX jack.

Product Specifications

  • Alloy steel housing
  • Built in micro SD card reader
  • Powerful loud and clear sound with bass
  • Built in Mic. for phone calls
  • Compatible with all iPhones, iPad Air And iPad Mini Retina and many other devices
  • One instruction manual
  • One carrying bag
  • One 3.5mm AUX and and USB charging cable
  • One year limited warranty
  • Frequency Response – Between 60Hz and 18KHz.
  • Output Power – 3.0W

The SHARKK weighs less than one pound and measures 5.4 x 4 x 3.6, which makes it perfect to carry in your hand or put in your cupholder in the car. This speaker might be small, but it packs a punch with high quality sound. It also comes with a carrying case, a charging cord and AUX cord, too.



The volume on the SHARKK is amazingly powerful. With crisp bass and high notes, you will not be disappointed with the sound quality, thanks to the fact that the output is 3.0w and the frequency ranges between 60Hz and 18KHz.


With the ease of Bluetooth or the convenience of the USB jack, the SHARKK is one of the easiest to connect to any device. It also has a microphone for those important calls that come in while you are connected.


With the carrying case and the light weight, the SHARKK is designed for portability. You might even forget you are carrying it because it is so light.

Ease of Operation

Everything on the SHARKK is designed to be user friendly. The buttons and ports are labeled and the Bluetooth connectivity is easy to do. SHARKK products come with excellent customer care to help you if you have any questions.



The SHARKK Bluetooth Speaker boasts of a rechargeable battery that will last for about 5 hours, even if you have to use it for phone calls. It is quick to recharge with the USB cord, while it can also work with an AC cord for playing and for charging.


The price is right on the SHARKK Bluetooth Wireless Speaker. At just under $50 (or less, if you shop around), you get the convenience of a lightweight speaker with a variety of features. Comparable speakers cost at least double the price of the SHARKK.


When you are shopping around for a low price speaker that includes a microphone, the SHARKK cannot be beat. It includes all the necessary cords as well as an SD card feature. This is one of the best sounding speakers with a long-lasting battery at its price point.



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