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Samsung Sound Bar HW-H550 Review

Samsung HW-H550 Sound Bar Review
John Bs on August 12, 2014 - 6:17 pm in Samsung, Sound Bar System

Samsung HW-H550 Sound Bar is Samsung’s modest-priced addition to the list of soundbars audiophiles want to test. At under $400, it’s got several promising features, but also a few catches. This article will take you through the significant pros and cons, in all their glory and their gore.

Wireless System

The Good: The wireless system is a welcome one for several harried apartment dwellers with running children to whom wires could be a serious concern. The interesting thing about Samsung’s soundbar that sets it apart from other products of the genre is that the subwoofer has a separate volume dial. The system is particularly easy to set up and the treble-bass setting can be conveniently fiddled with.

The Bad: However the wireless range has been seen to be problematic in a few cases with the subwoofer signal showing particularly disappointing longevity. This forces the user to shift the components around, often to their inconvenience.

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Sound Quality

The Good: The sound is a vast improvement over that emanating from television speakers. The subwoofer provides excellent sound and its rumbling bass can be controlled separately from the main soundbar. Users would have a great time using the Bluetooth facility as it greatly enhances the sound of your favorite tracks off your phone or laptop. The range is limited to about eight feet, but is above average in market-terms.

The Bad: The biggest sound issue seems to be the ‘foggy’ quality of the sound, particularly of the bass. At higher volumes there is a compromise in clarity of the sound. Although this isn’t a problem watching television or movies, it can become an issue with music systems.

Another problem is with the Soundshare technology, which isn’t perfect. There is a crackling quality sometimes to the sound delivered through USB or Netflix streaming that seems to resolve itself only with the help of an HDMI cable. Buy Now From Amazon


Ease of Use

The Good: There are a good number of ports on the soundbar, and the system is pretty smart in that it shifts automatically to HDMI port from say, Bluetooth, upon switching on the television. The LCD panel is a great help to user friendliness. The company also offers a full wall mount kit which can come in very handy when setting up the soundbar.

The system itself is small and minimalism is the key concept. This makes it ideal for a living room in a small home or apartment. A bright LED in the main soundbar helps let the users know what’s going on.

The Bad: The remote is a slight disappointment though. Not only is it clunky and old fashioned, it also doesn’t sync very well with other devices like the television. Even a Samsung television requires the use of both the television and soundbar remotes. The television remote can turn the soundbar on, but to work the volume dial the soundbar remote is required, which seems a slightly silly engineering oversight.


On the whole, HW-H550 2.1 Channel 320W Soundbar is one of Samsung’s better audio products. Not to mention affordable. If you live in a small home with a family that enjoys loud action movies, this system may be for you.

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