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Samsung Sound Bar HW-C450: One of the finest one available in the market

Samsung sound bar
John Bs on June 4, 2014 - 8:48 am in Wireless Sound Bar

Most homeowners find it a little difficult to find space in their living room when installing a home theater which has a few satellite speakers, a large sub woofer and good mass of network cables. It is for these homeowners that Samsung has launched the Samsung sound bar HW-C450. Most sound bar experts consider it to be one of the finest products in the market. Its winning features are the 2.1 channel system and accompanied by a subwoofer which is wireless. Also this sound bar can be easily mounted in a wall of your living room.

Samsung sound barStunning Design

One of the first things that attract you towards this sound bar from Samsung is its simple, minimalistic stunning design. In fact the sound bar is sleek and enjoys 92 mm in vertical length and 957 mm in width and is 45 mm deep. In front of the sound bar is the display panel which incorporates the settings for input selection, various sound modes and volume settings.  When you look at the sound bar from behind there would be limited sockets as the product does not believe in adding too much clutter. This sound bar model HW-C450 from Samsung has two digital output and this feature helps in incorporating two other electrical equipments like a TV box which is digital and a disc player. If you want to listen to your favorite MP3 music there is a small mini-jack which is placed between the speakers. In case you want to update software the USB port is also there for your convenience.  The design of the sub woofer is based on minimalist design and this can be placed anywhere in your living room with ease.

Various features and options offered in this sound bar

The Samsung sound bar HW-C450 is considered one of the finest sound bars in the market and this due to some options and features it offers which are:

1.    This sound bar from the Samsung Company has more than six sound modes and each mode is suited for a specific materials. When you watch a movie you can use the Cinema mode while for watching your favorite football game you get the Sports mode.

2.    When you listen to music they might be times when you feel there is fluctuation in music. This aspect is controlled by the Smart Volume feature which helps to maintain sound consistency.

3.    If you listen to most of your TV in the night, then there is the Dynamic Range Control.

4.    This sound bar from the Samsung Company is very easy to install and you just have to install the sub woofer by connecting it with the sound bar. Here you would see a blue light when the connection is complete.

5.    The remote of this sound bar is simple and uses minimum number of buttons to do its functions well.  The best thing about the remote is that the buttons are described well and for each specific section there is a separate color.



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