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ZVOX 555 Low-Profile Surround Sound System Review

ZVOX 555 Home Theatre sound bar system review
John Bs on August 8, 2014 - 4:11 pm in Sound Bar System, ZVOX


  • Employs five highly proficient audio speakers, an internal subwoofer, an authentic hardwood (MDF) rack and a efficient 70-watt amplifier to set up a cozy, original audio as well as amazingly impressive bass.
  • Patented PhaseCue virtual surround sound technique to provide you with excellent, three-dimensional audio with motion pictures or audio.
  • Augments a breathtaking modern function through Dialog Emphasis (DE).
  • Includes a multi-digit arrangement situated at the back of the audio grille that displays the present setting for system parameters.


The audio equipment is broad, trim, and could possibly be confused for a dark lumber block cut out you’d set beneath your high definition television to shift it up a couple of meters. In cases where your high definition television is mounted on the wall, you’re bound to look for a spot for the loudspeaker that doesn’t appear weird. Zvox emphasizes the model 555 Low Profile Sound Bar is ideal for HDTVs ranging from 37 to 55 inches, but bear in mind since it’s just twenty-eight inches broad it is advisable to double check the measurements of your HDTV’s bottom part before setting it up.

To Zvox’s acknowledgement, it arrives straight out and claims that PhaseCue II can’t offer a genuine 5 .1-channel surround sound feel, and it could basically offer a virtual audio field which could provide a feeling comparable to it. A lot of companies that develop soundbars aren’t that blunt concerning the downsides of simulated surround audio functions.

Audio Performance

The  ZVOX 555 Low Profile Sound Bar features the finest bass of any kind of home entertainment system that has been tested, which doesn’t incorporate a separate subwoofer. You won’t move the groundwork as if you would certainly with a sizable, standalone subwoofer; however bearing in mind its one-piece model, the SoundBase 555 manages bass perfectly. The front port enables you to link your mobile phone handset to the audio speaker; having said that it was susceptible to disturbance when it was plugged to the smart phone. Also, it exhibited poor regulation or stabilization that various other input systems could possibly have.


  • Courtesy of its broad, trim style, audio has substantially more area to reverberate compared to a soundbar, as a result blasts and eruptions can generally cause wall tremors, particularly if you raise the bass intensity.
  • High-quality bass output for a audio speaker system without the support of subwoofer.
  • Stands out at discourse quality, with a number of tuning choices to turn in the audio to your preference.
  • The SoundBase 555 is built to fit beneath your high definition television’s pedestal to function as a refined, virtually undetectable audio equipment that integrates into your house movie shelf.


  • Four control keys set below the grille, practically concealed from sight.
  • SoundBase 555 falls short of both concepts: Bluetooth as well as AirPlay.
  • It happens to be technically a cable-connected audio equipment, and so don’t anticipate any kind of internet services or even streaming media channels.


The Zvox SoundBase 555  is a smart approach to include nearly perfect audio to your home entertainment; however it’s not especially versatile.


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