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VIZIO S4221w-C4 Sound Bar Home Speaker Review

review vizio S4221w sound bar system
John Bs on July 31, 2014 - 3:22 pm in Sound Bar System, Uncategorized, Vizio

Manufacturer: Vizio

Model: S4221w-C4

Price: $ 248.88 on Amazon.com

Basic Features

  • 101dB sound
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Coaxial and Optical Inputs
  • Wall Mount Brackets


  • Good value for price
  • Supports several devices
  • Sleek design


  • Volume levels lower than other sound bars
  • HDMI and ARC not supported
  • No LED panel


The race for the best sound bars heats up with Vizio’s S4221w-C4; a sleek sexy 2.1ch sound system to redefine your TV experience. The sound bar packs 2 speakers and a wireless subwoofer, making it one of the best in the market in the price range. The system has wireless Bluetooth for you to effortlessly stream music from your Music Player, Smartphone or other Bluetooth enabled devices. It has a wide range of devices through the various inputs in the back panel. It includes digital optical and coaxial inputs and can play files in several formats. Also contains USB port for other devices.

A serious drawback is that it does not support HDMI, unlike most other sound bars in the market. Also does not support Audio Return Channel for syncing remote controlling of other devices. The S4221w-C4 comes with handy keyholes for mounting on the wall under your HDTV.


The 42 inch sound bar is black in color and has a dull metallic finish. While absence of an LED panel is a handicap but the remote control lets you see and control the settings.

Specs & Features

The  Vizio S4221w-C4  may not be an audio geek’s delight, but it’ll work for you if you’re looking for an upgrade from your TV’s in-built sound speakers. The up to101dB sound pressure level fills the room appreciably and the acoustic mechanism blends with your environment. The system works on Dolby Digital and DTS Digital sound technology and the surround sound engineering provides a wide hearing range. It is ideal for your living room or bedroom. It supports files in the mp3 or wma format.

You can connect via Bluetooth within a range of 10m, or connect various devices using the co-axial or digital inputs. It also has an appreciable number of sound effects, though lesser than other sound bars like LG’s NBN36 or Sony HT-XT1. The subwoofer amplifies the bass to an appreciable extent. The sound is slightly less intelligible at high frequencies and the dialogue is sometimes incoherent. It does a great job during movies and the powerful sound explosions are well played out. It catches low frequency sounds and magnifies them, making you appreciate all the sounds in a movie you never knew existed.


All in all, the  Vizio S4221w-C4 should be your buy if you’re looking to transform your TV experience. It provides the best sound effects for devices in the same price range and is also handy to set up and control. The sound is remarkably higher from your TV’s in-built speakers. It works great if you’re calling friends over for a movie or if you’re just playing games on your PS3 by yourself.

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