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Sony HT-CT770 2.1 Sound Bar Review – A Formidable Challenger

Sony HT-CT770 2.1 Sound Bar Review
John Bs on August 3, 2014 - 4:06 pm in Sony, Sound Bar System

Include massive audio to your movies on TV without the need of jam-packed amplifiers. Sound bars demand nominal floor area and cable connections, and their well measured designs enhance flat-panel televisions manufactured in these modern times. The majority of sound bars come with their unique integrated amplification, which means you won’t need to utilize a home entertainment receiver.


  • Gives you abundant, premium audio to accentuate your preferred motion pictures, television show, sports, and songs.
  • With a 6-3/8″ driver and bass-reflex model, and also an effective S-Master amplifier, provides booming bass.
  • The wood racks give a rugged style and design.
  • Produces a pseudo surround audio effect which makes it convenient to get engaged in your media.


This 2.1-channel mechanism boasts a sound bar with 4 internal audio speakers, to allow you to take pleasure in vibrant, robust digital sound in conjunction with your TV’s breath-taking visuals. Experience those motion picture sound special effects spring to life, and fully grasp a conversation in your first experience, without triggering the “Rewind” control key on your hand-held remote control. The V-shaped layout of the sound bar will contribute a taste of elegance to your den. Bracket it on your wall structure or make it sit on a desk.

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Audio Performance

With the specialized cordless subwoofer, the HT-CT770 can release a good amount of sound energy. It operated the rigorous bass with satisfaction, quivering the wall sections of the testing room without exhibiting a touch of audio deficiency. Despite the fact that few soundbars are configured to play without the need of a subwoofer, the HT-CT770 depends on an original blend of soundbar along with subwoofer. Gaming systems equally function efficiently by the HT-CT770.



  • In case you possess a freshly released, gorgeous-looking high definition television with many different interesting functionality, you’re yet somehow deprived of one thing: exceptional audio.
  • The soundbar by itself produce a formidable measure of power source without any short or sharp noises, causing the subwoofer to concentrate firmly on the sub-bass.
  • Switching the volume down to a couple of steps below max caused almost all genres seem complete and cozy.
  • The horns played out in a couple of music audios were identified sharply against the other portions of the mix while the subwoofer volume was brought to a minimum.
  • A soundbar is mainly for motion pictures, television systems, as well as game performance audio more than only music and the HT-CT770 supports these kinds of platform effortlessly.
  • Its very own two-way audio speakers and subwoofer generates an incredibly huge, den-filling audio experience.
  • The integrated gyro-sensor will sense the bar’s alignment to accurately fine-tune audio performance.


  • By itself, the soundbar’s performance drops out on a number of lows and mid-lows volume range, appearing exceptionally little while listening to music.
  • Maximizing the subwoofer bestowed each and every music track tossed at it a powerful, melodic quality that basically wasn’t vital or flattering.
  • It doesn’t include backside satellites or engage in certain virtual surround audio techniques.


Sony’s latest HT-CT770 might be fairly more expensive compared to contending newly-launched sound bars, nevertheless you gain a great deal for your hard earned cash. The bar adds stability, depth, and power capacity to your home entertainment, in addition to a plethora of functionality usually exclusive to devices in the upper crust. Sony is probably not triumphant in the soundbar market to date, but when referring to the challenge for top newly-launched sound bar, the CT770 is a powerful challenger. Click Here To Read Customer Reviews on Amazon

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