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Pioneer SP SB23W Andrew Jones Soundbar Review

Pioneer SP SB23W Andrew Jones Soundbar review
John Bs on August 14, 2014 - 6:10 pm in Sound Bar System

A System for the Music Lover in You

The Pioneer SP-SB23W Andrew Jones Soundbar System has a polished look to the whole product, lending it an air of sophistication. This is probably because unlike a lot of its competition which has gone for the sleek and metalled look, the Pioneer comes with a wood carved cabinet. This gives it the air of being simultaneously, old school and sophisticated.

It has been designed by the renowned designer Andrew Jones and it really shows in its makeup. The system has many positive points which make it a good fit in any home.

Main Features

  • A wood carved cabinet
  • 4 3″ subwoofers
  • In built Bluetooth music streaming
  • 6 Amplifiers

The system does have its pros and cons though one would argue that the pros significantly outnumber the cons.


  • Very sleek look, therefore making the entire system look very sophisticated
  • Very unobtrusive; can easily be fitted in any area of the house, especially in narrow spaces
  • Wood of the cabinet allows for better sound distribution
  • In built system that allows you to use remotes that you are comfortable with

As noted above, the wooden cabinet helps in more exact audio distribution and therefore delivers more clear sound. This is because wood reacts better to unwanted sound resonance and gets rid of most non harmonic sounds. For such a small package, it delivers quite a power sound which is impressive.

Not only is the SP-SB23W Andrew Jones Soundbar excellent, it comes with a system, which allows you to teach it commands so that it responds to you in a more accurate and unique way. In other words, you may ‘teach’ the system to respond to commands from any remote of your choice, not just the remote that comes shipped with the system. This way, people can relax with their favourite remote instead of struggling with learning the controls of a new one.

Different Modes for Different Music

The system also comes with three different modes through which you can listen to music. These three modes are:

  • Movies
  • Music
  • Dialogue

Each mode significantly changes the quality of the sound being heard in order to optimize the experience, for example when listening to Dialogue mode, all narration will loud and clear while all background noise will be muted considerably thus making it convenient for late night viewing. Similarly, Music mode is the best mode to enjoy music in as it makes it sound the most natural.

It also uses Bluetooth making it easy to connect with portable devices that also use Bluetooth like mobile phones or other music devices. In this age of smartphones and tablets, you can effortlessly play music on the Pioneer system through your tablet or smartphone. The age old days of inserting a CD or a pendrive have now moved on, leaving more conveniences.

However, the system does not come without its faults of course, as noted below.


  • Short Bluetooth range, requiring device to be in the same room as system
  • Using flat batteries instead of AAA batteries, thus making batteries difficult to replace
  • Subwoofers cannot be turned off manually

However these are minor inconveniences which only the biggest of nitpickers will realize. Otherwise, the Pioneer SP-SB23W Soundbar is a superb system and well worth its value in money. It provides a superb home theatre experience will simultaneously look sophisticated and elegant.


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