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Philips Fidelio SoundBar Home Theater HTL7180/F7 Review

phillips sound bar HTL7180/F7 review
John Bs on August 6, 2014 - 5:12 pm in Phillips, Sound Bar System

Philips Fidelio Premium SoundBar Home Theater HTL7180/F7 is all the rage in the soundbar market this year. With a number of innovative features, some of which work better than others, the product has taken home theater enthusiasts by storm. Below is a summary of the features that impressed me and more than a few reasons for why you should get off the fence and make this purchase.

Customizable Wireless System

The specs will promise you a wireless speaker and subwoofer system. If you’re a worried skeptic, let’s put your fears to rest. The hallmark of the Fidelio Soundbar is, to me, its incredible wireless set up. Not only is it truly wireless, with speakers requiring a mere eight hours of charging, it also has incredible range. Want to watch a movie while whipping up dinner for the kids? Philips Fidelio’s speakers are the answer. Playing around with the positioning of the speakers and subwoofer to get the perfect immersive sound experience is a completely feasible option. In addition, you can say goodbye to blaring television waking the kids. One can simply turn down the volume and pull the speakers close.

What is more, Philips has the option of customizing the Philips Fidelio SoundBar experience by increasing the number of speakers to four, and possibly even getting an extra subwoofer to double the sound bass. This gives you even more range and audio options to work with.

Sound Quality

Audio maniacs might complain about the quality of the bass and the sound limit. But if its clarity you’re looking for your search ends here. The sound balance is excellent as well, with high pitches and low frequencies emanating from the speakers in perfect rhythm.

HDMI and Bluetooth

There are two HDMI for input and one for output, which enables one to connect several devices, including a PlayStation, for an excellent gaming experience. For enhanced 3D experience, connecting your AV to the soundbar is a great idea as well. There’s a Bluetooth option which enables you to listen to your music from an iPad or mobile phone without using a whole bunch of wires.


While all the above is great quality, the design of the Philips Fidelio Premium Soundbar adds the final touch to a classy home theater experience. The subwoofer is an interesting aerodynamic shape, which looks chic. The main soundbar itself distinguishes itself with subtlety and the speakers are minimalistic and elegant.

The Catches

  • If you’ve got a TV with less than 5.1 Audio through HDMI or optical, you’ll have to keep it hooked to the soundbar for surround sound, which might be problematic considering limited ports.
  • If you have limited shelf/wall space, the stylish subwoofer might actually become cumbersome.
  • Another aspect of your life that might be a little troubled is your wallet, so if your desire for quality quails under dollar signs perhaps this one isn’t for you.
  • Also, if you’ve bought rear speakers you have to position them to precision because there’s no other way to control the volume.


In a nutshell, Philips Fidelio HTL7180/F7 delivers on every count, and its wireless system is truly incomparable. Simplicity is the core principle of its construction, and in a busy home, it’s a welcome one.




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