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RCA RTS735E Sound Bar Review: A Power Midget, Yet Dynamic

RCA RTS735E Sound Bar System Review
John Bs on August 4, 2014 - 4:09 pm in Sound Bar System

Sound bars stand for the modern day sound equipment configured to enhance the audio level without jam-packing an area with scores of compact audio speakers. They look amazing and they possess tremendous sound energy. Nevertheless, most companies have developed such similar systems, as a result deciding on a top notch system could be challenging.


  • Modest audio bar with 25W Overall capacity
  • Versatile positioning alternatives
  • Detachable racks additionally serve as wall-mounts
  • Line-In jack port for your iPod device or some other music gadgets


On the outset, the RCA RTS735E model is truly one of the sleekest available on the market. Nevertheless, the borders are dimensioned in a square shape, whilst the surface finish is gleaming and polished. It appears extremely ultra-modern, and as a result has the potential to merge into any kind of home decor without requiring significant modifications.

Mount and Power

Additionally, it features several well-built brackets which could guarantee a suitable installation procedure. Should you decide to leave it in close proximity to a television system or even on a large chunk of household furniture, you will find it free-standing. It could provide you with 25 watts of audio power. One can certainly get substantially more, however this threshold is definitely more compared to smaller-and medium-sized area. It genuinely relies upon what you intend to do with it. Should you desire to organize a number of high decibel functions, you might want to pick an even more powerful and effective system.



Other highlights come across to make up for the mid-size power and perhaps give a couple of effective connect-ability potential. On top of that it handles various other music gizmos, including Mp3 music player. Furthermore, the individual products are recharged without human intervention whilst their music files get played.

Handheld Control

A handheld remote control contained in the pack pertains to help make your day-to-day life more convenient. This can be valuable understanding that the opportunity to hook it up with a Blu-Ray set will certainly give you a miniature home entertainment system. The RCA RTS735E Home Theater Sound Bar is a superb accessory for standard surroundings as a result of the 25-watt electrical power, coupled with the handheld remote control as well as connectivity with different devices. It may well happen to be nearly flawless in case it included cordless connectivity.


  • The device is slim as well as stretched, exactly like some other sound bar.
  • It hardly weighs in at five pounds, in order that it could be mounted on virtually any wall structure, without any subsequent hazards to tumble or result in any specific mishaps.
  • The line-in jack port is very useful for Apple merchandise, like the iPhone or even iPod device.
  • The system internal circuitry assures a high quality and effective volume level.


  • Regarding the electrical power, the RTS735E design is not the finest one in the marketplace.
  • There is scarcely any additional functionality to attract potential clients


In form of a brief concluding synopsis, the RCA RTS735E Sound Bar is not the optimal unit on the planet, but nonetheless an excellent one for the price tag. It is relatively inexpensive and signifies the right accessory for television systems with an unsatisfactory audio. It could possibly also be utilized outside the house, whilst a few buyers purchase it for leisure motor vehicles.


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