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Pioneer sound bar SP-SB23W: Have you clarified all your doubts about it?

Pioneer sound bar
John Bs on June 4, 2014 - 8:46 am in Sound Bar With Speakers

Andrew Jones the reputed speaker designer was entrusted with the responsibility of designing a sound bar which would have amazing features and be great on the pocket. The result of this work from Andrew Jones was the Pioneer sound bar SP-SB23W. Using a wireless woofer and a self powered sound bar, this sound bar creates superior audio effects which makes the listening worthwhile in every way.

What are its basic features?

1.    The total number of speakers in the sound bar from the Pioneer Company is around six. This includes four mid range speakers, tweeters and woofers. Each speaker enjoyed its own amplifiers.

Pioneer sound bar2.    All the speakers together provide an output of 268 watts.

3.    45 Hz to 20 Hz is the frequency-response of the sound bar.

4.    There are two digital inputs which are one digital optical and the other is an analog audio inputs.

5.    When you listen to great music or watch a movie you experience the Dolby Digital decoding of the audio effects.

6.    The sub woofer is wireless and it can be connected within 30 feet.

7.    There is also the presence of blue tooth connectivity which would help you to use data from other devices like tablets or smartphones.

8.    The speaker bar of the sound bar model SP-SB23W from the Pioneer Company is 35 inches in width and around 4 inches in height.

9.    The weight of these powerful speaker bars is 10 pounds.

10.    The sound bar cabinet is made from composite wood and has a vinyl finish which is black ash in color.

What are the features of the sub woofer?

Pioneer sound bar SP-SB23W sub woofer unit has the following features which are:

1.    The speaker enjoys the design of a bamboo cone which gives great bass sound.

2.    The total power output is around 50 watts.

3.    2.4 GHz is the transmission frequency in the wireless format.

4.    The sub woofer weight is around 15 pounds.

What is the performance of this sound bar?

The quality of the sound bar is great. But this sound bar does not have any type of surround sound system like sound projection technology. The sub woofer is the hero of the sound bar made by the pioneer company. It produces great output even when the slide was low. It also produces good medium to low bass frequencies. However once the sub woofer was disconnected the sound bar on its own provided audio output which could be measured from 80Hz to 110 Hz. The users also enjoy the dialogue clarity when it comes to dialogues in the movies but additional sound processing is not provided.  When speaking about this sound bar from the Pioneer one has to mention that it does not accept any DTS code. This means devices like Blu-ray Disc player have to be set in PCM output.

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