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Philips DOT Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review

Philips DOT Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review
John Bs on September 23, 2014 - 3:44 pm in Bluetooth Speakers, Portable Speakers

Philips DOT Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is Philips’ funkier, more fun contribution to the wireless audio market niche. It’s got features that most of the other competition doesn’t really bother with. The question appears to be whether those features are worth taking the plunge and buying the product. Below we have a fairly succinct review of the product, with its basic features, pros and cons all listed out.


  • Wireless connectivity to any Bluetooth capable device
  • Built in microphone for hands free phone calls
  • Good sound from 5 W power output and 3 inch driver
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Auto sensor for music on and off
  • Audio input with headset-type connecting wire. Micro USB to charge with USB cord
  • Rugged device of blue color, splash proof and rubber grip

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Sound Quality

The quality of sound from the device is very good for something so little. It’s got great highs and lows and a pretty decent bass, with little to no tinny or white noise. The sound is crisp and static free. It can also get extremely loud with very little distortion at the volume high end.

Pairing and Connectivity

Apart from great range it also pairs really easily. It has an unobtrusive blue light that shows it’s paired, and doesn’t un-pair from a device unless deliberately done. It doesn’t wink unless the pairing is in process and goes red when charge is low.

Battery and Aux Input

Battery life is good and charging is simple and easy. It makes it easy to use outdoors. The headset like aux input also makes it easy to connect in non-Bluetooth mode to any music device.

Auto Sensor

The auto sensor feature is really nice, and flipping the product on its back is all you need to do to stop the music playing, which is pretty handy.


It’s designed to be splash proof and it can withstand a certain amount of hard use, making it great for outdoor usage or use in say, the kitchen.


No Next Button

The speaker has no skipping of tracks option. Considering that the primary use of a rugged speaker like this is to avoid manhandling the expensive phones and tablets, this is a bit of a downer.


The design is good and fun, but not very serious in the sense that even with the square back, some rolling of the product is possible. The strap that lets you hang the device is very good, but it can sometimes flip around and the auto sensor will mute the product. So you might have to disable the auto-mute.

The Headphone Plug and USB Charge Cord

They are basically the same cord. This is a nifty cost cutter for Philips, but it feels like they’re pinching pennies with the unwieldy two-headed-snake like cord where one end dangles uselessly while the other is employed.

Bottom Line

It’s a great product with a few, rather foolish flaws. The great boombox-type sound from a rugged gizmo like this is hard to come by at a price under $100 and this one comes at nearly half.


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