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Perfect Height of Sound Bar is very Important for Maximum Sound

height of the sound bar
John Bs on June 2, 2014 - 5:08 am in Sony Sound Bar

The main role played by a sound bar is enveloping the listener and this is something where “surround” comes into effect. The work of a sound bar is very similar to that of the speakers placed in movie theatres. In movie theatres, a shot fired behind the on-screen character, sounds like it is coming just from behind the audience and the same goes with a sound bar. A good quality sound bar would certainly replicate the experience of a movie theatre, but before this is done, it is important to consider the height of the sound bar in order to fetch better sound quality. Proper placement of the sound bar is very important and therefore people must always go through the guide of placing sound bars in order to carry out this process in the proper manner.

height of the sound barThe Importance of Placement Height

A sound bar that is multi-channel is meant to provide realistic and lifelike sound rendition for the purpose of true immersion. However, proper method should be followed in the placement of the sound bar so that one can get completely engrossed in a movie or music. Most of the sound bars that are available in the market these days come with a minimum of five speakers that include, one at the center, one speaker at the left, one at the right and there are a couple of surround speakers. The main job of the surround speakers is to envelop the listener. The arrangement is completed by the use of an LFE or central sub-woofer. It is the height of the sound bar that influences the immersion level of an individual.

Placement of the Different Components

The central speaker of the sound bar plays the role of an anchor and therefore it is very important to place this speaker either above or below the screen of the television. The front right and left speakers have an important role to play in making up the foundation trio of the sound bar and therefore they should be placed along the arc that faces the listener. This rule can however be subverted for larger groups of audiences. For the surround speakers, there are no hard and fast rules regarding placement as they can be placed according to an individual’s preference. The sub-woofer can be set up very easily. It should be placed very close to a solid surface or a wall because of the fact that it mainly indulges in sounds of low frequency. It is always a great idea to experiment with the placement of the sound bar because of the fact that many a times; experiments can draw in great results. However, one thing that is very important to be kept in mind in this respect is placing the sound bar in such a way that the experience is enthralling for an individual.

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