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Mpow Bluetooth A2DP Music Audio Receiver Adapter Review

Mpow Bluetooth A2DP Music Audio Receiver Adapter Review
John Bs on September 14, 2014 - 9:09 pm in Bluetooth Receiver, Wireless Audio, Wireless Sound

The Mpow Bluetooth Receiver is designed to breathe life into your old Bose sounddock or redundant 30-Pin iPod iPhone Dock Speaker. What with Apple having discarded the 30-Pin in its new iPhone 5S, more and more Apple enthusiasts are forced to throw out their dock along with their old phone. With Mpow’s latest product, this is no longer necessary.

How it Works

  • The Mpow Bluetooth Receiver can be plugged into your dock through a 30-pin connector wire.
  • The mobile device is simply paired to the receiver through Bluetooth.
  • The sounddock is now a Bluetooth dock ready to stream music from your phone or iPod.
  • The receiver has a range of 33 feet.
  • Works with several mobile devices and the A2DP feature makes it compatible in automobiles as well.


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The ‘Wow’ Factor

Having talked about the basic features of the product, it’s time to discuss what truly stuns about Mpow’s streaming device. The best thing about this Bluetooth receiver is the excellent sound. Provided you use the given code, the Bluetooth works fine and the music sounds good even at the promised maximum range of 33 feet. On a Bose system too, the streaming sounds original and clear through the stereo. Once you factor in the price, it’s pretty brilliant.

  • Incredibly easy setup. The aforementioned steps are literally all you need to follow to get the full experience. No tech-expertise needed.
  • This product is a huge money saver. Not only is it cheap relative to other products of its type, it also is a great investment in and of itself. Instead of having to buy a completely new dock, you can reinvent the old one for a mere $14. This successfully counters what several people see as unnecessary extra expenses that come with a new Apple product.
  • Great, great service. Like any other brand, Mpow’s Bluetooth Receiver has its issues, which we’ll discuss. But unlike several of its competitors, Mpow is dedicated to its customers. Rapid response and helpful solutions characterize its support personnel, and the company doesn’t hesitate to replace a faulty product.
  • Having talked about what makes the product a great bargain, let’s delve into a few of things you might need to worry about.

The Irritants

Lack of versatility is a serious issue for this Mpow product. While tech-savviness is not a requirement for set-up, you do need to make sure your mobile device is on the rather short list of compatible devices. It works excellently with iPods, iPhones and the right Bose sounddock, but with others – even Android devices – it exhibits poorer performance.

  • Some of the problems relate to sound quality. If your device isn’t perfectly compatible, white noise, squeaking and crackling could result.
  • With some Android devices it requires several rounds of plugging and unplugging before it syncs properly.
  • It needs power, therefore it is essential that your docking device is able to charge it. If not, an extra adapter may need to be purchased to correct for the 30-pin configuration.
  • The bottomline is that Mpow Bluetooth A2DP Music Audio Receiver is a great, affordable product. The device does justice to its promise to save the dock you thought you’d have to bin.

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