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Mpow Bluetooth 4.0 HD Music Audio Receiver Adapter Review

Mpow Bluetooth 4.0 HD Music Audio Receiver Adapter Review
John Bs on September 10, 2014 - 6:33 am in Bluetooth Receiver, Wireless Audio, Wireless Sound

The Mpow Bluetooth Music Audio Receiver Adapter is a great way to bring Bluetooth to a home theatre system encumbered by lots of cables and old fashioned components.

Tech Specs and Features

  • It used aptX and AAC codec to bring audio
  • Uses Bluetooth version 4.0 instead of standard 2.1
  • Compatible with A2DP Bluetooth profile. Can pair to two Bluetooth enabled devices simultaneously
  • Very small and minimalistic – about the size of a golf ball
  • Operating distance is about 30 feet
  • Input Voltage: AC 100 – 240V 50/60Hz : Output Voltage/Current: 5V/1500mA
  • Priced at under $30

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What makes it so good?

There are plenty of things to cheer for in the Mpow Adapter.

Amazing Audio

Really it’s incredible. The investment in version 4.0 Bluetooth paid off. The sound is crisp, CD quality thanks to aptX (for this the music source needs to be CD quality as well) and high definition. No cutting, hissing or any other sorts of white noise.

Good Range

It is what is says it is, and mostly transmits well in the 30 feet range, a bit more if you’re lucky. It does not require line of sight positioning and intervening walls do not cause drops in sound.

Set up and Connectivity

Set up is a breeze, where you just have to plug in to any audio output device that works with the 3.5 mm jack, pair, and play. The Bluetooth disconnects when the device is out of range of the product. Also, the Mpow works pretty well in cars.

There is also a new update for those who want it, for the Bluetooth to auto-connect when entering the room.


It’s very small, and a great alternative to other desktop eyesores. It is so small that it’s unobtrusive even in cars.

Energy Efficiency

The version 4.0 Bluetooth means more energy optimization – the product drains less electricity.

Customer Service

Mpow is on top of customer complaints, returns and suggests repairs promptly, and constantly redesigns to introduce helpful upgrades.


The Nits

There are a few problems with the Mpow Bluetooth Music Audio Receiver Adapter.

Included Components

It would’ve been nice if there had been more than just one 3.5 mm compatible cable. Considering the product is geared towards benefitting outdated surround systems, a ¼ inch cable would have made a world of sense.

Over Enthusiasm

Mpow identifies itself as the headset in a car and tries to receive an incoming call. There is no microphone in the product, so it cannot be an answering machine and this means that it needs to be disconnected while answering calls.

Pairing Issues

Mpow names all its Bluetooth enabled products MPOW, so pairing can be frustrating for long time customers who have several Mpow products and do not know which one they are pairing to.


It would be nice if Mpow user manual explained what all the blinking lights meant.

In a nutshell, for the asking price the Mpow Bluetooth Music Audio Receiver Adapter is a high quality product with great audio, great design, good service and most importantly, satisfied users. Click Here to Read Customer Reviews on Amazon



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