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Miccus Home RTX Long Range Bluetooth Music Receiver Review

Miccus Home RTX Long Range Bluetooth Music Receiver review
John Bs on September 1, 2014 - 6:31 pm in Bluetooth Receiver, Wireless Sound

The Miccus Home RTX Bluetooth device is a solution for people with home sound systems that still have component devices, and who want to de-wire their music experience cheaply.

  • Works with Bluetooth version 2.0 and A2DP as well as ACRCP
  • Bluetooth receiving range of up to 45 feet and transmission range of over 150 feet.
  • Compatible with all operating systems of mobile devices as well as newer laptops that come with Bluetooth capability.
  • Comes with a sturdy antenna and an AC adapter that helps power the USB jack.
  • One button for pairing and two buttons to choose between receiving or transmitting
  • Auto-connects to previously paired device once it is within range
  • Costs about $60

The Miccus is a solid product and seems to have more positive attributes than negative. The following are things about it that particularly impressed me.

The Good

The RTX’s best feature, of course, is its ability to act as both a transmitting as well as receiving device. This means it can transmit music to Bluetooth enabled headphones while you’re in bed as well as stream music from your laptop through the provided cables into your stereo system.

The sound quality is great, and arguably as good as a standard 3.5mm audio connection. It should be remembered that the sound quality is slightly grainy to ensure a rich quality when played on the stereo. This needs to be compensated while transmitting to an earbud by reducing the source volume.

  • The range is downplayed by the product specs. The Miccus easily provides you with a range of over 200 feet with no line of sight issues. Intervening walls and floors do not create any problems.
  • The coolest thing about the Miccus RTX is its portability. With a great battery capability, it is the best product to go with a portable stereo that you need to move around a lot.
  • The set-up is designed to be very simple, and the control buttons are extremely easy to understand. Additionally, the lights are standard convention and are both subtle and recognizable.
  • The automatic connecting once a paired device is in range is a useful feature and eliminates the tedium involving pairing and re-pairing.
  • The Miccus RTX Long Range Bluetooth device has few faults, but those that I could detect I have scrounged up for the dubious reader.

The Bad

  • Only one device can be paired at a single time. This is a definitely downside in an otherwise brilliant product.
  • While the RTX idea is great, it is a little disappointing that the Miccus cannot receive and transmit at the same time.
  • As a transmitter, the product will not disconnect from the streaming device. If you forget to turn it off, it will drain the Bluetooth receiver’s batteries and possibly wear them out.
  • Connecting is not as smooth as it could have been, and some of the competition seems to outdo it. The power saving feature means that after extended pauses the button needs to be held down for 7 seconds before streaming begins.

The Miccus RTX Bluetooth Receiver is a top seller in its market niche. The price is great, the sound is great, the range is incredible – what are you waiting for?

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