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Making Use of a Sound Bar Manual

sound bar manual
John Bs on June 2, 2014 - 6:55 am in Wireless Sound Bar

A sound bar is an exceptional device that helps in enhancing the sound quality of a flat panel television without making any investment in surround sound structure. There are a lot of electronic companies that manufacture sound bars an there are some that also have Bluetooth capabilities, remotes and even certain options that can be used for installing sound bars with subwoofers. A sound bar manual can easily be used for installing a sound bar and it is so very easy that it can be done within a few minutes without any sort of difficulty. There are some very important steps that are clearly mentioned in a sound bar manual and they include:

sound bar manualDeciding on the Placement of the Sound Bar

The sound bar needs to be unpacked first. It is always a very good idea to go for the choice of a sound bar that possesses remote control for people who want to listen to music played from some other device. Next, it is important to make the decision regarding the placement of the sound bar. It has to be decided whether the sound bar needs to be mounted or placed on a console table attached to the television. It has to be noted that the sound bar should never be placed below the television because this brings about a reduction in the stereo system portability. If the sound bar does not come along with a mounting system, one can aways be hired. It also has to be kept in mind that the cables should be connected before the sound bar is mounted.

Connecting Cables

The sound bar should always be placed close to the television. The decision regarding the choice cables is also required to be taken. The common choices in cables include HDMI cable and analog audio cable that has white and red ports. If the television set has an extra cable port for HDMI cable, then an extra cable should always be purchased for better quality of sound. When using an analog audio cable, the cable needs to be inserted in the television’s color codes part that says ‘audio’. In case of HDMI cable, the section that reads ‘arc’ or Audio Return Channel should be used for insertion because this would ensure proper routing of the sources to the sound bar. After plugging in all the cables, the television must be turned on and the audio needs to be tested to ensure that the sound bar is working. Whether the sound bar is mounted on a wall or placed below the television, it must be ensured that it is not placed very close to a source of sound reflection or a place that interrupts signals from remote to television.

Installing the Accessories of a Sound Bar

The most common accessories used with a sound bar include a subwoofer, Blu Ray player, Bluetooth devices and Video player. All these devices should be installed carefully along with the sound bar in order to ensure better sound quality.

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