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LuguLake Portable Bluetooth Speaker Stand Wireless Stereo

John Bs on June 24, 2014 - 8:07 pm in Bluetooth Speakers, LuguLake

The LuguLake Portable Bluetooth Speaker is an ideal choice for those who are fed up moving around with cables before they can listen to their favorite music. This speaker is unique for its stand function, as the user can conveniently play games and watch movies. The analysis given below could help you to determine whether or not this should be on your list of the best Bluetooth speakers.

Product Specification

  • Bluetooth Version – Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR
  • Frequency range – 2.4G to 2.480GHZ
  • Effective Wireless Distance – 32.8 feet
  • Power Transmitted – 4dB
  • Db – more than 75dB
  • Operating Voltage – 3.7V
  • Charging Voltage of the USB port – DC 5V
  • Weight: 0.69 pounds


The LuguLake Portable Bluetooth Speaker has a professional stereo sound design with perfect sound for the user. For instance, if playing on medium volume, which is sufficient for smaller room, you will experience a clear sound, and the great thing about this device is that the type of song played would determine where the vocal and music would be coming from. For a small room, it even has a 2W output loud enough. If you want something more than a small-room performance, you will find this product to be very helpful. For instance, from your iPad, it can be used in playing back the bass and rhythm accompaniment of your piano instructor, helping in your practice; easily, the maximum volume setting of your iPad is nothing compared to what this Bluetooth speaker gives you.

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Another good thing about this is the connectivity. Your iPad, iPhone or any other compatible Bluetooth device connects almost instantaneously when the two devices are within range and powered on. Therefore, the speaker is good for music, games and videos, and this is why you should not be restricted to a bulky speaker which makes life devoid of fun.


This is one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers today because it weighs just 0.69 pounds, light enough to be taken with you anywhere you go. Therefore, if the size of a mobile device is very important to you, this is the type which will meet your needs in many ways; you can even perfectly place it in your palm with ease.

Ease of Operation

Are you looking for Bluetooth portable speakers which are easy to operate? If so, then you should consider this, as it is one designed for simplicity. In addition to its sleek design, there are buttons which are easy to use to operate the speaker without any expert guide. The buttons are located on the sides of the device, while all other functions can be controlled from the Bluetooth device.


The speaker comes with an internal rechargeable battery, and there is a USB port to use for charging. After charging, you are guaranteed a minimum of 10 hours of uninterrupted use before the battery runs down.


This LuguLake Bluetooth speaker is definitely one of the best today. It will meet your expectations in many ways because its sound is much louder than what your usual mobile device gives you. Your iPad will stand securely in the unit in portrait or landscape mode when you place it on a solid surface like a table or desk. The device even has an auxiliary input to enable you to connect external audio devices which do not have Bluetooth, some examples of which are Computer, Notebook, MP3 and PSP. Read More Customer Reviews on Amazon

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