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Jarv NMotion Sport Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

John Bs on July 10, 2014 - 8:22 am in Bluetooth Earbuds, Jarv

The whole idea behind the Jarv NMotion Bluetooth Earbuds with In-Line Microphone is to get you out and moving to the beat no matter what you are doing – unless you are running. For a set of wireless devices, these are slightly unusual in that they come with a caution that they are not to be used by runners. They are also only designed for Bluetooth 4.0; with an MSRP of $69.99 and being available at almost half off that price with free shipping – these are great and very specific devices for those who are fed up getting entangled with cables.


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The Design

The Jarv NMotion device come designed for any type of Bluetooth 4.0 device. They have an extra-long back wire with an inline control system that allows you to answer or ignore calls, as well as control the playback of your music. They also list as having 5 hours of continuous talk and listening time on one charge, which puts them ahead of many of the other wireless Bluetooth earbuds in this price range. This is a plus to those who do not like charging their devices every now-and-then

Long Wire and In-line Control

The best thing about the Jarv NMotion Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds is the extra-long wire and inline control. The combination of the two lets you easily manage your calls and music. They also have a deep ear cone which makes for better listening and they are not likely to become dislodged when you are active. The 5 hours continuous talk/listen time is also a bonus for anybody. If you use Bluetooth 4.0, the fact that these earbuds are specifically designed for that system also means you will have a better data rate exchange and a stronger in area signal between devices.

Some Shortcomings

Right out of the gate any sport earbud that warns you about not running with them should give you pause. These are among those devices with producers not really bothering to clarify why that caution (in caps) is listed with their product. There are two choices for why this may be – either their fit is very insecure and they will fall out easily, or they are not sweat resistant. The last thing you need is a set of Bluetooth earbuds with a deep ear cone that will shock you and then fall out of your head. Also, they are great for those with Bluetooth 4.0, but what about if you have a higher or lower version?

The Final Verdict

After considering the various features and experiences through tests under different conditions, it can be said that the Jarv NMotion Earbuds are great if you want to get a decent pair of sporty looking devices, but not if you want to use them for any rigorous activity.  Read More Reviews on Amazon


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