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In the next few minutes learn about Sharp sound bar

Sharp sound bar
John Bs on June 4, 2014 - 8:50 am in Samsung Sound Bar

Sharp is a popular name in the field of consumer electronics. The Sharp sound bar model HT-SL77 enjoys a slim design where the speakers are thin and there is a sub woofer which is wireless. Both these feature tends to offer great sound quality to the users of this sound bar.

Understanding the basics of this sound bar

1.    The sound bar model HT-SL77 from Sharp company has two inputs. The first is the HDMI output and the second is the analog stereo audio input.

2.    There is also one HDMI output. This supports up to 1080p resolution.

Sharp sound bar3.    PCM and analog are the two audio input qualities available.

4.    There is no extra additional audio decoding process available.

5.    This sound bar from Sharp Company enjoys 2.4 GHz wireless transmission.

6.    It weighs around 2.2 pounds and is light and portable.

What are the salient features of the speaker system in the sound bar from the sharp company?

There are four drivers and each is around 14 inches in width and four half inches in height. The frequency-response which can be attained is 100 Hz to 20 Hz. The dimension of the sound bar configurations varies depending on how it is used. The weight of each speaker varies and it depends on the way it is being configured in the sound bar.

Explain the features of the sub woofer?

The sub woofer has a bass reflex design and is around 16 inches in width. The total output from the subwoofer is around 100 watts. Frequency response is 30Hz to 100 Hz. The wireless data transfer is of 2.4Hz. The wireless sub woofer can be accessed up till 32 feet.  The weight is a little above 10 pounds.

Is this sound bar very easy to install?

When you open the sound bar from the Sharp Company there are many things to be unpacked. When installing the sound bar you can lengthen the sound bar as this would help to accommodate TV of various screen size. If you want to mount it in the wall there is hardware from the company which can be used. If you do not want to use the sound bar option you can place the two speakers side by side. You would also have to decide which speaker configuration to use and use the color codes accordingly. The sub woofer can be placed near the TV or the sound bar.  When placing the Sharp sound bar model HT-SL77 in your room the sub woofer can be placed anywhere within 32 feet. Otherwise it would not work beyond the 32 feet limit. The next stage would be attaching the source devices and here you can use the HDMI option or the PCM output. You can check the working of the sub woofer by playing a simple CD music and checking the settings. If there is a problem you can push the pairing buttons and the main sound bar unit and the sub woofer would be connected.

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