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Ilive sound bar: Why is this hot product?

Ilive sound bar
John Bs on June 3, 2014 - 5:18 am in Wireless Sound Bar

If you visit a few electronic shops to buy your sound bar, you would notice a common feature. Most of them would recommend you to invest in the Ilive sound bar. This made you curious and you investigated on the internet regarding the features of the sound bar from the ilive brand.

Why is it considered to be one of the good sound bars in the market?

•    If you are looking of various options to improve the audio effects in your home entertainment, then this sound bar from ilive is the one for you. The sound bar is compact and powerful with its 2.1 speaker features.

Ilive sound bar•    This sound bar also is compatible with the dock features which are available in IPad and Phones.

•    It also has an alarm clock which has AM and FM features. There are several settings like iPod or radio mode.

•    The Ilive sound bar also has a remote model which has all the featured needed to control its various settings.

•    The sound bar is easy to use as it comes with a hardware where it can be mounted and the User manual is very easy to understand.

•    The weight of this sound bar from ilive band is around 11.2 lbs. It can be moved around easily.

How do the customers rate this sound bar?

Excellent ratings due to its 2.1 speakers

Most of the customers have a mind blowing experience when they listen to the sound production from the ilive’s 2.1 speaker system. They buy the sound bar expecting good responsive sound but the 2.1 speaker experience takes them to the next level.

Good bass and treble quality

Most of their customers enjoy the good quality of treble and bass music. The music settings are automatic and they do not have to press any unnecessary buttons which becomes irritating sometimes.

Enjoy your IPad data

This sound bar from iLive also facilitates its users to use any music or video from IPad and IPod and this feature make it very popular among its young populations.

Great for small homes

This sound bar from iLive is great for small homes once you learn to use its remote system which sometimes becomes a problem. You will also enjoy the surround sound experience and be a great investment for your home viewing purpose.

Subwoofer can be added

If you want to add the subwoofer feature in this sound bar, you can do so by plugging it in the output jack. But you have to buy this accessory separately.

Warranty provided

The sound bar from ilive enjoys one year warranty.

In the end it can be concluded that this sound bar from Ilive Company is a great product thanks to its 2.1 speakers and compatibility with IPad and iPhone. But some people face problems with its remote and learn to use it after some time with patience and experience.

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