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How To Choose A Good Bluetooth Speaker

John Bs on May 27, 2014 - 5:10 pm in Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth is the technology which makes it possible for you to transfer data wirelessly between two devices, making it one of the world’s most common wireless technologies. With a Bluetooth speaker, you can listen to music through your iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices which support the feature. The speaker can even be used if you do not have any of the popular iPhones, iPads, and all iPod Touch models, as it works with all smartphones (Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry) and many Android tablets. But, if you want to buy the speaker, which one should you go for? What are the factors you need to consider?

Does it Sound Good?

The sound quality is the major factor when buying Bluetooth speakers. Instead of paying attention to the attractiveness of the device, you should check if the classical strings have their range preserved; treble is clear; and the bass transmits easily to give the DJ and hip hop sets the punch required for catching the beat. Another thing is the ability of the device to play at high volume without sounding distorted or fuzzy, easily filling your room with rock and roll loud enough that those in attendance would not resist moving the head and body, dancing.

Is It Portable?

You should get a Bluetooth speaker that is portable, instead of going for any of those bulky sound systems with gigantic speakers taking up most of the space in your room. A portable speaker is good because it can be moved easily from one room to another, weighing less than a pound with the size of a small tablet. That is also the type of speaker with which you can travel, and that is why most of the high-quality ones have a protective travel case designed for the speaker and its charging cable. Lightweight and compact, you can slip it easily into your purse, bag or backpack for an enjoyable trip.

How Long Does It Last?

Long battery life is another important quality of a good Bluetooth speaker. As the speaker is meant to be taken around, its battery must have a long life, as you do not want to be left without power on the road. Thus, the standard is a minimum of 6 hours of playback. That period is enough for you to enjoy music before having the need to charge it again when you return home. Also, the speaker needs to have an AC power adapter and run on a rechargeable battery. The speaker should also be able to get charged through the USB cable of your computer, leaving you with many options for charging.

How Far Can You Go?

A Bluetooth speaker that cannot connect wirelessly from at least a 20-feet range is completely useless, even if a wireless connection is involved. A good speaker is the one which connects from up to 30 feet away with clear tones and without the loss of deep bass of your favorite music. From that distance, the speaker should still be capable of creating the right sound quality.


Those are the important features to look for when buying Bluetooth speakers. Unlike Wi-Fi, Bluetooth speakers can be set up easily, as the steps required to be followed are few. There are now even Bluetooth models which include NFC technology, which makes pairing to be possible just by tapping a device equipped with NFC to the speaker’s NFC tag.



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