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Get Your Facts Right about RCA Sound Bar & Its Various Models

RCA Sound Bar
John Bs on June 3, 2014 - 5:37 am in Sound Bar With Speakers

When you invest in a sound bar you hope it would work smoothly for the next few years. RCA is an electronic brand which is popular in the electronic consumer market and has been around for more than ninety years. Most customers of RCA select their products and these products enjoy latest technology features which bring in great home entertainment luxury. In fact this brand is used by families for generations. One of its new offerings is RCA Sound Bar -the WI-Fi Home Theater System also known as RTS739W model and the RPD663 for car audio system.

RCA Sound BarWhat is the RCA Wi-Fi Home Theater- Sound Bar?

The RCA Wi-Fi Home Theater- Sound Bar enjoys the audio capability of combining various multichannels. The sound in this sound bar is emitted using speakers which are wireless and use the WI-FI principle of delivering the content from the numerous internet tools.  Using this sound bar from the RCA Company a family can enjoy great internet online content in its HDTV. Since the RCA Wi-Fi Home Theater- Sound Bar has in-built features through which internet can be accessed there is no need to have the unnecessary wires which remove the beautiful ambience of the room. In fact one of its senior professionals Stephen Jorge mentions that the RCA Wi-Fi Home Theater- Sound Bar is easy to install and this is enjoyed by most of its users.

What are its amazing durable features?

1.    One of the main reasons behind RCA Wi-Fi Home Theater- Sound Bar’s popularity lies in the simple fact that it can be paired with any TV model especially the ones which have a large screen display

2.    RCA Wi-Fi Home Theater- Sound Bar has a very simple installation process and you would need a simple single HDMI cable to make it connected with your TV.

3.    This sound bar from the RCA Company also has the features of adding digital audio output to your home TV and also other equipments like cable set top box.

4.    RCA Wi-Fi Home Theater- Sound Bar can also be connected with your IPad and you can enjoy great flexible audio sounds to your convenience.

What are the new models which are coming up?

•    RPD663 sound bar from RCA

The RCA Sound Bar system also has RPD663 model which offers great entertainment in your car. This model has headphones which are wireless in nature. The cost of this model is a little less than hundred dollars.

•    RPD1687A sound bar model from RCA

This sound bar can recharge your favorite IPad and iPhone and play great music too. This RPD1687A model has an in built FM-tuner and you can also use its great alarm features.

•    RPD160B sound bar from RCA

This model plays music with the help of its blue tooth connections.

•    RPD173A sound bar from RCA

This is a popular audio system used by IPhone and IPad users. The RPD173A model has an alarm clock and a digital FM radio.

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