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Etekcity®RoverBeats T3 Portable T3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

t3 etekcity portable bluetooth speaker
John Bs on June 24, 2014 - 4:57 pm in Bluetooth Speakers, Etekcity

If you are looking for a small speaker with big sound, the Etekcity Roverbeats Speaker is perfect for you. It’s no more than 3 inches tall, but the sound reaches at least 30 feet away. You will not be disappointed in this speaker, whether you use it outside or inside. The Etekcity Roverbeats Speaker weighs less than one pound, which makes it affordable to have it shipped. It is three inches tall and comes with a lithium ion battery.

The speaker works via Bluetooth technology, so you can not only listen to your music, but make phone calls with its built-in microphone. Because it is so lightweight, it is easy to carry anywhere and the protective silicon layer keeps it from slipping on smooth surfaces, especially when the base is pumping.


Product Specifications

Bluetooth protocol: Version 2.1 + EDR
Battery Type: Li-ion battery
Bluetooth Range: 32.8ft
Input Sensitivity: 300MW
Input Ports: mini USB 3.5mm AUX port
Chipset: CSR Plc Bluetooth
Rated Power: 3W
Weight: 100g
Frequency Range: 80Hz – 20KHz
Dimensions: 2.52 x 2.64 inches
Package Contents: 1x Carrying Bag, 1x Etekcity portable Bluetooth speaker, 1x USB charging cable, 1x User’s manual and 1x 3.5mm audio cable


Etekcity made the speaker work pair with all Bluetooth devices, so you can connect it to any smartphone, tablet, or other devices. It even connects to MPS or DVD players that have Bluetooth capabilities. If you do not have Bluetooth, the Etekcity Roverbeats Speaker will connect with a 3.5mm audio jack.


The lightweight speaker can play anywhere. Weighing in at less than one pound with a circumference of less than 3 inches, the speaker can easily be held in the hand. You can play your music anywhere that you can place the speaker. I loved that I could fit the speaker in my cupholder in my car when I wanted to listen to my music rather than the car radio.

Ease of Operation

I have used other Bluetooth speakers and this was one of the easiest. It quickly paired with my smartphone and I had an easy time controlling the volume. I was able to use it for phone calls, even while driving so I did not have to hold on to my phone.


The company claims the battery lasts for seven hours. While I have not run it continuously for seven hours, I have used it on road trips for over five hours while listening to music and taking an occasional phone call. I do keep it charged because I do not want to be without the speaker.


I have yet to find a better price for a small, yet powerful speaker. Priced under $25, it delivers sound and comes with a carrying case, too! You cannot beat it!


The Etekcity Roverbeats T3 puts big sound into the palm of your hand. If you want a low priced speaker that delivers a high priced sound, this little speaker is the perfect option!



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