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Denon HEOS 3 Wireless Speaker Review

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John Bs on December 2, 2014 - 4:51 pm in Bluetooth Speakers, Wireless Speakers

With Japanese technology backing it, much can’t go wrong with Denon. It has recently launched its HEOS range and the Denon HEOS 3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker looks very promising. But it is interesting to compare its specifications and price with other similar products that are available in the market and that is what we shall focus on in this review.

Basic Features

  • It a compact device, much smaller than the HEOS 5 and HEOS 7 speakers.
  • It can be positioned as you want it, lengthwise or breadthwise.
  • It boasts of full range drivers.
  • It requires the HEOS app to be synchronized with your device. And the app is free.
  • It has a USB port along with its wireless functionality.
  • It has provisions for mounting if that is what you need.

Now that we have seen its characteristics, let us see criteria that would be helpful to you while deciding to buy it.


Design: Its design is compact and delicate. It will not seem incongruent in any room in your home or office, irrespective of its style or decor. It comes in classic colors like black and white. Its geometric shape makes it very easy to find a spot to place it.

Installation and use: It is very simple to start using the HEOS 3. There is nothing complicated about its app and it even has a cable that does the entire preliminary configuration before you start using it.

Music: The app is compatible with majority of the commonly used music playing platforms such as Rhapsody and Pandora.

Quality: The sound does not break at high volumes, like you expect it to with such small speakers. It has an excellent bass sound. If you juxtapose two of them, you receive a smooth, harmonious sound.

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Although the sound quality is superb, the speaker trembles when you play a heavy bass sound. This adds a lot of interference when the speakers are placed on a shelf or a table.

  • It does not have Bluetooth connectivity like the Bose and Harmon Kardon speakers. This may seem trivial for a wireless speaker but is highly useful when playing music in a location with high Wi-Fi traffic.
  • Point two brings us to the next problem with the HEOS 3. It is difficult to use when there are a lot of Wi-Fi connections in the vicinity. The sound breaks very frequently in such a case.
  • The power rating of the Harmon Kardon speakers is much higher than the HEOS 3.
  • It is not portable like the Bose Soundlink Bluetooth.
  • Probably the biggest flaw about the HEOS 3 is its price. It has almost the exact same features as the Sonos Play: 1 but is priced a hundred dollars more.

The Final Judgment

Although the HEOS 3 is the cheapest of the HEOS range, its price is not as competitive as many of the other comparable products in the market. It also has many technical flaws which overshadow its music quality. Go ahead with it only if you want to match it with your other HEOS products. Otherwise you may be better off with Bose or Sonos.

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