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Choose and select among the various sound bar brands for that perfect theatre experience at your home

soundbar brands
John Bs on June 3, 2014 - 4:25 am in Sound Bar

These sound bars are great devices to experience great sound at home on your television of computers. You can create your own theatre at home with these devices attached to your LED screen television and can enjoy great movies or even video games. There are various brands these days that have got expertise in handling of such sound bars for your television and other devices.

1.    Sonos Playbar

It is a model of wireless sound bar that has an in built sub woofer. It has made many individual’s entertainment life convenient. It has been made for the television screen of 37 inches and it has nine numbers of speakers with it. Play bar is an excellent choice for connecting with any device of any brand, but it sounds excellent with audio system of Sonos. It can be also used in the concept of multi-room experience of audio. Though there are many other sound bar brands in the market, but the Sonos Play bar is considered to be the most desirable piece that has received both trust and loyalty of the customers.

soundbar brands2.    Bose Cinemate 1SR

Bose is a brand that has been a trust in the sound system for a long time. With its great sound bar named Cinemate it has been satisfying many individual’s sound quality experience. The system comes in a slim model and consists of five numbers of speakers. It has great audio and digital jacks to be connected with the television and computer desktop. Due to its slim model, it has two main advantages – one it can be turned over its axis and second is that it can be fixed on the room wall. It is also said that the set up of the sound bar is also easy and smooth.

3.    Panasonic SC-HTB770

Panasonic has been known to be a brand that has always thought about its customers. It came up with the concept of sound bar when people wanted to have the movie theatre experience in their homes. The model of Panasonic has been quite big appropriate for the 55 – 65 inches television screen. But this huge device can be divided into 3 parts if you wish to make multi room audio system at your place.

4.    Samsung HW-F750

Samsung has been there in the market of electronic devices for a pretty long time, providing customers with the best possible equipment for their need. It was in the year of 2013 when Samsung came up with its first sound bar that had a valve-amplified. The sound bar with code and Bluetooth connectivity with television has been the most advanced product among the sound bar brands.

5.    Yamaha YSP-4300

It is said the sound bar system and the concept was first invented by the brand Yamaha several years ago. Still, that time the brand is continuing to come up with strong sound bars with almost 22 speakers among the many sound bar brands.

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