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Bose® Solo TV Sound Bar System For TV Review

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John Bs on July 23, 2014 - 7:38 am in Bose, Sound Bar

Manufacturer: Bose

Price: $359.00 at Amazon.com

Basic Features:

  • Four frontal speakers
  • Rear inputs: optical, coaxial, analogue
  • Digital Sound Processing
  • Automatic Sound Adjustment


  • Powerful sound effect
  • Simple in design and function
  • Ease of set-up


  • Expensive
  • Does not support wireless connection
  • Does not support external device
  • Unsuitable for low frequencies



The Bose® Solo TV Sound System model is a solid, reassuring rectangular structure which will sit unassumingly under your TV and provide a power-packed audio experience. It provides an even sound across a wide amplifying range. The crisp, clear sound quality enhances numerous sound effects. If you are tired of your TV’s run-down sound quality, then this is an ideal buy. The setting-up is hassle-free with one wire connecting to the wall port and another to your TV. The system comes with a remote control that can also sync other devices attached to your TV.


The System is designed to look classy and functional. With a width of 3.03 inches, it can act as a stand for your TV if it’s up to 42 inches or weighs up to 18 kg. The input portals are at the back and contain the optical and co-axial inputs as well as a RCA input which acts as a substitute for the MP3 port.


The Bose® Solo TV Sound System functions on array technology and Digital Sound Processing, which projects frequencies evenly across a 360 degree range from a compact processor. The technology catches and highlights all types of sound, though it lacks the bass-enhancing technique of the subwoofer. All functions can be done using the remote, which has only four options; Power, Mute, Volume Up and Volume Down. This is perfect for those not interested in twiddling with sound settings (you can buy a sound bar for that) and yet want clear sound from their TV.

The sound amplifier is automatically re-adjusted so there’s no need to turn the volume down or up when it fluctuates. The system adjusts all sound issuing from the device to an optimum level depending on the volume specified. The sound quality is rich and detailed and provides an experience more realistic than life. The system functions perfectly if you want to hear everyday speech or other sound effects but is perhaps not the best device to hear music as the bass is lacking. If you want to hear normal TV, the speakers are way better than your in-built TV speakers. It also works well for Blu-ray. However, don’t expect these to function as music speakers.

The Bose® Solo TV Sound System does not have features like Bluetooth connectivity, MP3 player or USB port connections. It also does not have HDMI ports or ARC functionality.


This sound box is exactly right for older people who dislike the hassle of arranging the sound quality or if you are technologically handicapped and want the perfect sound to be spoon-fed to your ears. If you’re not concerned with overly pure sound reception, this is definitely recommended for you.

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