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B99 Red Mini Lightweight Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds Review

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John Bs on July 14, 2014 - 6:25 am in Bluetooth Earbuds

If you are looking for what offer you the best deal and earbud system for listening while you are working out, you should consider the B99 Red Bluetooth Earbuds. These are one of the few mid-range priced Bluetooth earbuds that actually are designed for a heavy workout.

With an MSRP of $68.99 they are on discount for barely over $20. That almost makes them worth a try even if they don’t live up to their hype. We took a closer look at them to see what is good, and what isn’t that good about the B99 Bluetooth Earbuds.


The Design

The B99 Bluetooth Earbuds are stylish and look well built. Coming in a red color the casing for the earbuds and the back wire are tough and water resistant. The controls are mounted on the earpiece cover, but on the upper edges instead of the front face as with most types of active sports style earbuds.

Battery Life

The battery life is an important factor when looking for the best mobile devices, especially Bluetooth earbuds. Also featured on this popular device is a micro USB charger and extended battery life. The battery life is “extended,” which means it lasts about as long as all the rest – but that is more than enough time for a solid work out. The range of the earbuds is set at about 10 meters.

Active Sport Device

If you run, bike or engage in any other type of active (and sweaty) sport you are going to like a lot about the B99 Red Mini Lightweight Bluetooth Earbuds. They are well-made and constructed to resist sweat. The controls are edge mounted on the ear piece which does make them easier to control then the flat face push button design.


Some Cons

The B99 Red Mini Lightweight Bluetooth Earbuds do not have an additional over ear clip or loop so they can fall off your head easily. That is a major downfall in an active sport earbud set. Also, while they do have talk capability, the style of audioscape does not make it easy to understand people on the other end. These are definitely meant as more of a music accessory than a talk accessory.

The Final Verdict

The B99 Red Mini Lightweight Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds list in the mid-range but are priced in the high end of the low Bluetooth earbud range, which is what they really are. In addition to the bullet-in-ear design and the 9MM diameter drive unit, this device will fit you because of its light neckband and beautiful design; in-built magnets for absorption together; high elastic soft material to serve as beam for preventing injury on your head; and the 3D roller press that enables free use. There is also the double damping balance technique through which the sound coming out is what the user really wants. They are great for the gym, will resist sweat well but you wouldn’t want to take off mountain biking in them as they will not stay securely in place.

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