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Audiosynq Wireless Mini Bluetooth Earbuds w/ Microphone Review

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John Bs on July 19, 2014 - 9:51 am in Audiosynq, Bluetooth Earbuds

If you are looking for a wireless mini Bluetooth rig for your smart phone you should consider the Audiosynq Wireless Mini Bluetooth Earbuds w/ Microphone. With an MSRP of $54.99 and available at almost half off, even with the additional shipping charge – they are definitely in the low to mid-range price scale. Audiosynq does list some surprising features for the popular device, which may just make them the mini Bluetooth earbud to get. We take a closer look at what there is to love about the Audiosynq Bluetooth Earbuds w/ Microphone, and some of the things you may want to think twice about before buying them.


Talk Time

The Audiosynq Wireless Mini Bluetooth Earbuds comes with a 180 hour stanby charge and 2 to 4 hours of continuous talk and listen time. It features an inline controller that allows you to adjust volume for calls and music, answer calls, ignore calls and move up and down your playlist.

Compatible Devices

The device can be paired with almost every Bluetooth device, is lightweight and features a solid cell connection between the back wire and the ear bud. The earbuds feature a rectangular outer design with an ergodynamic inner ear cone.


Listening Range

One of the two things that you are truly going to love about the Audiosynq Bluetooth is the 10 meter listening range. Most devices advertise a 10 meter range, but it is more like 10 feet in real life, meaning that this is a tool which delivers what it promises in that aspect.

Data Range

Another key feature of this device is that it makes use of an enhanced data rate of 3.0 so that the quality and clarity of your audio and phone calls doesn’t degrade in the 30 foot range. The audio soundscape is also solid and will allow you to hear your music and calls well.

Some Cons

Like every other thing, this is a device which has some shortcomings, and these could be an important factor for certain users, as that could influence their experience. One of the drawbacks to the device is that it comes with a cord which is longer and not as stiff as on some of the other types of wireless Bluetooth earbuds. This means it is not as secure when engaged in sports – which really isn’t a bad thing since the Audiosynq Mini Bluetooth Earbuds are not made for sports. The rectangular ear bud bodies look very good, but they can also prevent them from sitting well in some ears.

The Final Verdict

All in all, the Audiosynq Wireless Mini Bluetooth Earbuds w/ Microphone do provide a decent sound and connect well with many different types of devices. The drawbacks will show up mostly if you are expecting too much out of an earbud system in this price range. They are worth it for the range and enhanced data rate. They aren’t a stand out item, but they are solidly made and will deliver.

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